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Padlock 12+ Browser is specifically designed for use by secondary school students and has restrictions in place to ensure that it can only access websites that comply with the App Store 12+ age rating.  

A selection of education based websites have been reviewed to meet the 12+ age rating.  These sites are indicated with the "12+" icon to show that they are accessible with Padlock 12+ Browser.

Due to these internet access restrictions, Padlock 12+ Browser does not have the capability to create or manage test sessions.

Please note that the App Store 12+ age rating does allow mild and infrequent occurrence of the following items:

  • cartoon, fantasy and realistic violence

  • profanity and crude humor

  • mature and suggestive themes

  • horror and fear

  • medical treatment and information

  • reference to alcohol, tobacco and drug use

  • simulated gambling

  • sexual content and nudity

Padlock Browser has unrestricted internet access and is subject to the App Store 17+ age rating.  



Please contact us via the contacts page on this website if you encounter any objectionable content in Padlock 12+ Browser.  


Requests to allow access to additional sites with appropriate educational content will be considered.  Due to the need to review the content it is not possible to provide immediate access to new sites.